Big Mountain & Powder Skiing

Big Sky – Early Season Skiing

Big Sky, Montana Dec 12-14, 2017 (travel Dec 11 and Dec 14 or 15) In Big Sky, you will discover a skiing spirit as wild and big as the terrain. This is big mountain skiing at its best, you will be inspired and challenged during your week here with NASTC. Big Sky is an ideal mountain to stretch your limits and build strong off-piste skiing skills. Your trainer will work with you to strengthen your skill blending, tactics, and show…

Alta-Snowbird, Big Mountain Skiing Skills Camp

Big Mountain Skiing Skills Camp – Alta/Snowbird JANUARY 8-13, 2017 TRAVEL DAYS: Sunday January 8 and Friday January 13 (or Sat Jan 14) SKI DAYS: Alta January 9-11 and Snowbird January 12-13 Alta can be described simply as the ski addict’s number one destination. We could have a list a page long of all the reasons why every skier needs to go to Alta, instead we are just going to let you experience it all yourself. There is no doubt…

Kicking Horse, BC – All-Mountain & Heli-Skiing Adventure

  Dates: Feb 4-10, 2018 Feb 4 and Feb 10 – travel days The dream trip for every serious skier and powderhound! Kickinghorse is one of those destinations that is talked about in hushed whispers because those that have been there want to brag about it but don’t want to spread the word in case too many people hear about it. This resort is one of British Columbia’s true skiing gems, typically off the beaten path for most skiers the…

Andermatt, Switzerland – Steeps and Powder Skiing Camp

  February 11-18, 2017 CANCELLED FOR LACK OF SNOW IN ANDERMATT. RESCHEDULED FOR FEB 9-17, 2018 Off-piste/All Mountain adventure skiing was born in Switzerland. Improve your technique in the steeps, powder and other off-piste conditions and terrain in the idyllic setting of the Swiss Alps. Explore a unique destination, and eye-opening experience, while receiving personalized coaching from some of the best instructors and coaches in the industry. You will have a memorable skiing experience and your skiing will improve tremendously….