What do you do in the summertime?

During the off-season months we offer private guided rockclimbing courses.  We host a very popular kids rockclimbing camp on Donner summit every July.  Our guides are AMGA certified and highly experienced climbers that are very familiar with the climbing routes in the Tahoe National Forest.  In August we host our annual trip to Portillo, Chile – which is a must-do for every avid skier at least once in their lifetime.

Do you take snowboarders? Tele skiers?

We welcome other disciplines in our courses, however we do not offer any specialized instruction in these other disciplines.  Family and friends that practice other snowsports disciplines are always welcome and are not obliged to ski or ride with the group.  A reduced rate for non-participants is available. 

How does NASTC pick its resorts?

We pick resorts primarily based on their terrain selection, their location and setting.  We also pick resorts that are known for the good quality of snow and ones that have good lodging and entertainment opportunities.  We try to select resorts that have the full package and can offer NASTC skiers an exceptional experience.

What other destinations has NASTC visited?

We are entering our 17th season and in that time have brought groups to many different resorts all over the world.  We have run a camp at Killington, VT, Big Sky MT, Grand Targhee, WY, Aspen, CO, Silverton, CO, Las Lenas, Argentina, Chamonix, France, St. Anton Austria, Zermatt, Switzerland to name a few.  We do re-visit many of the destinations that we have been to as well as adding new resorts to our selection.  If there is a destination that…

What is V1?

V1 is a digital coaching system.  It allows your trainer to use V1’s unique video analysis software to add visual aids to the critique of your skiing footage.  

What do the “tech talks” involve?

The tech talks that we offer are educational discussions led by our trainers and guest speakers that cover a broad range of topics related to skiing.  These discussions serve to increase your knowledge and understanding of skiing.  Some of the topics we address are developments in new ski design, boot technology, how to select the appropriate gear for your needs, boot alignment, fitness, avalanche awareness, ski technique and much more

What if I want a double but don’t have a roommate?

We do our best to find a roommate for our skiers that are looking to share a room.  However we are unable to guarantee a roommate.  In the event that we cannot connect you with a roommate, a single supplement fee will be added to your lodging costs.

What kinds of hotel do you we stay at?

 We try to choose hotels with character and charm, proximity to the slopes and a offer a wide variety of amenities.  The hotels that we select are classified anywhere from 3-4 stars.  We want our skiers to feel comfortable and relaxed, enjoy a good night of sleep and rest and feel like they are on vacation.

What is the Demo Team?

The Demo Team also known as the PSIA Alpine Team, is made up of the 12 best instructors in the United States that serve a 4 year term.  Members of the team must pass a rigorous selection process that involves a multi-day tryout with eliminations at the end of each day.  Typically over 200 hundred of the country’s top certified instructors present themselves at the National Alpine Team tryouts every 4 years.  Each team member is selected according to their…

What is PSIA?

The Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) is the governing body for the profession of ski instruction within the United States.  PSIA with the aid of the Alpine Team determine the standards for national certification and the curriculum for ski schools across the country.  The American Teaching System developed by the PSIA is one of the most highly recognized teaching programs in the world.