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Tactics for All-Mountain Skiing, Chris Fellows

Tactics for All-Mountain Skiing

By: Chris Fellows
Published by: American Snowsports Education Association Education Foundation, 2006

The concept of being able to ski any type of terrain and any snow condition on any mountain is a dream, and goal of just about everyone who has ever strapped on a pair of skis. The idea of replicating scenes from favorite ski movies or bringing those soul stirring and impressionable skiing photography images to life, is a driving force among skiers.  This book offers tactical perspectives and simple drills to develop a solid skill base to make those goals and dreams a reality.


total_skiing_chris_fellows Total Skiing

By: Chris Fellows
Published by:  Human Kinetics, 2011

It’s common knowledge that if you want to be good at your sport, you will need to spend time off the slopes, court, field or rink to develop your strength, flexibility and fitness.  Sometimes the challenge of executing a technique can come from weaknesses in our physical make up.  Total Skiing provides a training program based on your skier type to help you overcome deficiencies in your mobility, stability, strength and endurance to boost your on snow performance.