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Portillo: Open your mind to the full mountain experience

The word “portillo” means “opening or road between two heights” – an apt descriptor for both the Chilean ski resort as well as the transformations that occur on its slopes every summer. The highs and lows, laughs and cries of this annual trip set a standard for personal exploration unlike any other ski experience. To truly immerse yourself in the adventure, start by clearing away any preconceived notions you might have of what a ski vacation entails. Full-immersion summer training in Portillo will redefine your expectations. Read the rest of this narrative by clicking on the link below.

Portillo: Open your mind to the full mountain experience

Agility Training: Why it's necessary

If you want to improve your skiing in the bumps, steeps, off-piste and short turns you have to incorporate agility into your off-season preparation. How does agility come into play? Agility improves your precision, balance, ability to change direction quickly and overall coordination. These skills are essential to skiing in variable terrain and short turns where balance, precision, and quick direction changes are challenged consistently. Agility training improves body control. The neuro-muscular signaling and response time is improved, reduces injury by developing precision movements and develops stronger kinesthetic awareness. NASTC incorporates a dynamic stretching and warm-up component in its training camps, which includes a series of agility exercises. An agility ladder is a great tool to have and very user friendly. Most people work on their strength and endurance, which are obvious components to having a strong fitness platform. The other components which are n! ecessary not only for performance but for injury prevention are agility, core activation, flexibility and mobility.

NASTC Dryland Kit

Fourth of July

4th of July is just around the corner! There are lots of fun events and activities in Truckee -Tahoe this time of year. As you plan out your agenda for the weekend, consider coming ROCK CLIMBING with us. It's a great way to get away from the crowds and if there is someone in the family that is not keen on the idea of rock climbing, we can help plan a great hike (guided or unguided) right out of our rock climbing staging area that promises big views.
Climbing dates to remember:
July 11: NASTC Kids Climb! Camp
July 21: Women's Climbing Workshop

Tahoe-Truckee Rock Climbing

Portillo: Open Your Mind to the Full Chilean Mountain Experience

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The word “portillo” means “opening or road between two heights” – an apt descriptor for both the Chilean ski resort as well as the transformations that occur on its slopes every summer. The highs and lows, laughs and cries of this annual trip set a standard for personal exploration unlike any other ski experience. To truly immerse yourself in the adventure, start by clearing away any preconceived notions you might have of what a ski vacation entails. Full-immersion summer training in Portillo will redefine your expectations.

Portillo is located approximately 100 miles and at least 37 switchbacks from the Chilean capitol of Santiago. Approaching the grand yellow Hotel Portillo feels a little like seeing land after a long time at sea. You can smell its essence and feel its terra madre. The soul of Portillo greets you upon arrival, transporting you into a trancelike state, a combination of the warmth of the hotel and the immensity of the outlying environment.

Get off the shuttle and just try not to gawk at the infinite skiing possibilities. With more than 2,500 vertical feet and 1,300 skiable acres serviced by 14 lifts, the Chilean Andes resort offers steep groomers, couloirs, deep powder runs, and trails that look like expansive tongues lapping up the sides of the rocky summits. Adding to the locale’s formidable physical strengths is the logistical icing on the cake: Portillo limits the number of guests to 450 to avoid the long lift lines and crowded restaurants that are the hallmarks of many U.S. resorts.

The summer training ground for many national ski teams, Portillo comprises two sides of a huge valley where the slopes fall steeply from the summits to the more moderate terrain surrounding the shores of glacial blue Lake Inca. The higher reaches of Portillo skiing are serviced by five-person Poma lifts that rocket you 1,500 vertical feet in seconds. (A hair-raising tortuga/ turtle ride on your back can result if you’re unprepared for the abrupt stop at the top.)

The steep runs available off the Roca, Condor, Vizcacha, and Cara Cara lifts will challenge even the most advanced skiers. The Juncalillo and Plateau lifts can satisfy any level but are known for excellent cruising and carving possibilities. And for those who like to take their boards out of bounds, there are ample options as well. Traverse out into “El Estadio” (The Stadium) after a short climb from the Roca Jack, and ski huge bowls or dramatic chutes before carving it back into the ski area boundaries.

The days in Chile can blend into a weeklong continuum of exhilarating alpine ski descents, lazy lunches at slopeside restaurant Tio Bob’s, sweaty hikes to untracked powder in the Laguna runs, wine drinking and interesting conversation in the main living room, lounging by the pool, fine dinners in the dining room, and rowdy, highly entertaining hours in the bar and disco.

This summer, why not forego the usual vacation for an experience that will push your personal limits and challenge what you know about ski adventures? Arrange a trip to Portillo through Lake Tahoe, California-based North American Ski Training Center (NASTC). By pairing small groups with experienced coaches and guides who have received extensive custom training, NASTC strives to fill each participant’s cup with knowledge, passion, and adventure – and to develop a supportive environment that’s void of distractions such as self-criticism and unrealistic expectations. During the Portillo experience, participants must open themselves up to the idea that extraordinary feelings don’t have to be infrequent. In Portillo, they’re virtually inescapable, and the magic resonates with young, old, and everyone in-between.

Next NASTC Chilean Adventure August 15-24, 2014

The North American Ski Training Center (NASTC) will run its 19th annual All Conditions/All Terrain Adventure Skiing Week August 15-24, 2014, in Portillo, Chile. Perhaps it’s because skiing in August is the perfect opportunity to refine your skills for the approaching season, or the fact that the resort has taken care of everything you need for a seamless ski vacation, or maybe it’s the instantaneous bonds that form among our coaches and students … whatever the reason, the August trip is one of our most popular.

At Portillo, you’ll enjoy the finest food and famous Chilean wines, skiing right out your door, the spectacular Andes, world-class personalized instruction, and vacation amenities that include massage, pools, yoga, and movies. The NASTC goal is to guide you to some epic big mountain skiing (whether you are intermediate or expert) and advance your skills by a full level.

Life is simple at Portillo. When you are on a NASTC ski training vacation at Portillo, you need only think about your skiing, sleeping, and eating. Sure, you can think about a lot more – meeting new friends, partying at the bar and disco, working out alongside the Austrian and U.S. ski teams, unwinding with yoga, stretching, or massage, watching a movie, or practicing your Spanish – but the beauty of Portillo is how it embraces the simple life. You eat at the same table with the same waiters four times a day; your room is 30 seconds from the slopes, the dining room, and other hotel amenities; and the warm Latin culture lures you into a relaxed state of mind.

Portillo – the perfect “Ski Training Center” in the NASTC name. At the Portillo facility, we have access to the movie theater for video screening. (Don’t worry, only your supportive NASTC friends will be watching as we gently critique your slope-style.) And the optional morning routine is hassle-free: rise, walk 30 seconds to NASTC’s trainer-led morning stretch, upstairs to a healthy breakfast, and then don your ski clothes and head out to the slopes. Quick, easy, and the ultimate in convenience. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to ski in small groups, benefit from coaching by the best instructors in the world, and talk about your ski day over delicious lunches.

Summer skiing ties your seasons together. Feel like you never left your boards (or your newfound skills) when you jump back on the snow in December. A full week of honing your skills under the watchful eyes of top NASTC trainers will work wonders for your skiing and confidence level. One memorable NASTC week will give you insight into and solutions for your equipment issues, too, and leave you with a solid action plan for continued improvement during the upcoming season. For an eye- and mind-opening Chilean experience, bring your lofty goals and insatiable appetite for fun.

Getting to Chile

Getting to Chile is a painless, overnight flight and at most a three-hour time change. Travel times from the following U.S. cities to Santiago average:

Dallas (9 hrs)

Los Angeles (10 hrs)

Miami (8 hrs)

New York (10 hrs)

San Francisco (12 hrs)

If you live on the East Coast, the time change is nil: Chile is in the same time zone as New York City. For those coming from the West, the biggest adjustment you’re looking at is a three-hour time change – negligible when you compare it to the eight-hour hit you take traveling to Europe, which can require a couple of days just to get over the jet lag. When heading to Portillo, you land in the morning, shuttle up to the mountains in three short hours, enjoy lunch and a nap, and hit the mountain for some skiing.

Father's Day Rock Climbing Special

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Saturday-Sunday, June 14-15. Take 15% off a half day or full day of guided rock climbing. A great way for Dad and the kids to spend the day together and create a memorable experience of learning a new sport together. All levels of climbers welcome! Beginner rock climbers will get a full introduction to the sport and come away with basic rock climbing skills. Intermediate and advanced climbers can do multi-pitch climbs that appropriately challenges them for their ability level. We climb in The Tahoe National Forest on Donner Summit, one of the premier climbing destinations in the world. Your safety is our number one priority, all guides are AMGA certified and highly experienced. All gear and equipment is included - just show up ready to climb!

Big Snowfall in South America

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Snow in the Forecast for Portillo

Portillo is expected to be hit by a strong system at the end of the week with a forecast storm total of 69 inches! That is more snow than California had all season.
Check out the write up on the NASTC-Portillo camp by The Ski Channel:

Summer Dream Skiing in Portillo, Chile

Truckee Running Festival

If you are runner, join in on the fun at Riverview Park in Truckee this Saturday. There will be 5k, 10k and Half Marathon runs as well as kid races/runs and a prize giveaway at the end. Register at Granite Chief Shop in Truckee on Friday between 4-6pm.

Truckee Running Festival

Father's Day Rock Climbing Special

Don't forget about the NASTC Father's Day rock climbing special, June 14-15. We are offering a 15% discount on half and full day rock climbing rates next weekend only. Call now to book a memorable day for the family! Space is limited.

Rock Climbing Lessons, Tahoe-Truckee

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As the Mercury Rises, So Does The Anticipation of Skiing in Portillo, Chile

As it gets hotter, the thought of cooling off on the slopes in Portillo gets better and better. Skiing under the brilliant Andean sun, with fresh white snow underneath you and enjoying traditional Chilean barbecue and a pisco sour while overlooking the Inca Lake sounds like paradise as the haze of the heat grows more intense. The NASTC-Portillo ski week is the ideal escape. A week of skiing and relaxing in this beautiful ski in/out resort is just what the doctor recommended right?! Join NASTC August 15-24 for fun, relaxation, great skiing and coaching.

Summer Dream Skiing in Portillo, Chile

Dryland Training Starts Now

Most national teams are wrapping up their on-snow spring training and heading to warmer climates to kick their dryland training programs. Off-season training includes cycling for improved cardiovascular fitness and endurance as well as sessions in the weight room. Other activities such as paddling, kayaking, climbing are included but typically as active rest activities and as a way to break the routine up and keep things fun. How will your off-season improve your skiing? If you need help or ideas grab a copy of Total Skiing, it lays out a dryland program that is tailored to your skier type.

Total Skiing

KidsClimb! Rock Climbing Camp

July 11th 9am-1pm on Donner Summit.
Introduce your kiddos to the world of rock climbing or give your experienced climbers a fun day of challenging themselves with more difficult techniques and tactics. Safety is our no. 1 priority. Each child gets multiple opportunities to climb and get coaching by a guide. Our guides are AMGA certified and have lots of experience working with kids. It is really neat to watch each child push their own limits, watch their problem solving skills at work and see the huge grins on their faces as their confidence increases. Climbing shoes, harnesses, and helmets are all provided with the camp.

KidsClimb! Rock Climbing Camp

PO Box 9119
Truckee, CA 96162

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