Rock Climbing Instruction & Guiding in the Tahoe – Truckee Area

 Welcome to Rock Climbing! We want to climb with you. For 17 years, NASTC has been teaching rock climbing instruction and guiding in Tahoe from the spring through the fall. whether total beginner, or super advanced, rock climbing is a great way to experience Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas.  And you need not be in tip top shape, at all, we accommodate all fitness levels, sizes, and ambitions. Your efforts will be rewarded with outstanding views and feelings of exhilaration and achievement.  Even if you are a leisure vacationer, we can set up a gentle climb for you with very simple movements, a mild to moderate level of physical exertion and you will still be rewarded with some spectacular vistas.  Our guides are eager to share their passion for rock climbing with you.

You’ll meet your guide up at our meeting spot on Donner Summit, or at the Granite Chief store on Donner Pass Rd in Truckee.  Your guide will make sure you have everything you need for a fun and successful day of rock climbing.  We have harnesses, shoes, and helmets available for you to use.  If it is your first time climbing, your guide will walk you through how to get suited up, and make some suggestions as to what to bring with you to the climbing pitch such as an extra layer, sunscreen, water etc.  After a safety briefing and harness check your guide will jump right into the know-how’s of rock climbing.  First up is basic technique for moving over stone.  You will learn how to use the contours of the rock to help you climb, how to tie basic knots – because knots are everything in climbing and of course how to belay.  Your personal guide will discuss various route options, communication commands, and how to position yourself after you climb to be lowered down.  NASTC also offers rappelling lessons for those who are interested in this adrenaline inducing activity.

For the more advanced climbers, our guides will take you on some fun and challenging multi-pitch climbs depending on your ability level.  They will share with you their own personal tips and trick for climbing more effectively and maneuvring around difficult contours and sections.  Our rock climbing guides are an incredible source of knowledge, they can answer a broad array of climbing related questions that you might have.  With NASTC the day belongs to you, if you want to learn about leading and setting anchors, or if you want to combine a scenic hike with your rock climbing session it’s all doable.  You will feel 100% safe with our professional guides.  Safety is our foremost concern, fun and learning something come hand-in-hand after that.  It is our goal to make this day a special experience for you.  We are lucky to have such an ideal rock climbing location such as Donner Summit in our backyard.  Rock climbing is a fun and different way to experience the outdoors and the Tahoe region.  We are looking forward to introducing you to this mentally and physically rewarding sport and share with you our favorite climbing spots and be a part of a memorable rock climbing experience during your visit to Tahoe and Truckee.

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Do I need to have prior rock climbing experience indoors on a climbing wall first?

Anybody can try climbing for their first time on the real rock.

Where do you take people rock climbing?

The world-famous Donner Summit, located just 10 min from Truckee on the scenic old hwy 40.  There is a large variety of pitches ranging from beginner to expert available all along the Donner Summit area.  The high quality granite on the Summit makes it one of the country’s top climbing destinations. We are one of only a couple permit holders for commercial rock climbing there. It’s a special place!!

Do I need my own equipment?

NASTC provides everything. You only need to show up in clothes you would hike in for that day’s weather (shorts are not recommended for beginner climbers), plus a windbreaker or fleece, baseball cap or visor, sunscreen, sunglasses, snacks, and water.

What if I am afraid of heights?

Many folks are. It’s OK. Our guides will work with you within your comfort zone, helping you set and achieve realistic goals for your first climbing experience.  You’ll learn all about the function of your harness, knots, the rope, and the anchor. And once you understand how the safety systems work, you’ll feel more confident.

Can I come alone, or do I need a climbing partner?

You can come alone.  Climbing is a sport you can do 1:1 with your guide, or alongside friends or family too.

What if I am not very athletic?

Climbing can be done at all levels of physical fitness and athleticism.  Your day is tailored to you or to your group.

What is an appropriate gratuity for my guide?

15-20% is an average tip for your guide.  Our guides work very hard to make your rock climbing experience fun and successful.  If you had an enjoyable time out on the rock with them, please feel free to tip your guide whatever amount you feel is appropriate – it is very much appreciated.

How many people in a group?

We keep our climbing ratios to 4 or 5 students: 1 guide. This is a safe and productive ratio.

How many different routes will I get to climb?

Depending on ability, skill, desire, group size, other groups, and weather, you will most likely do 3-4 different climbs in a half day.

Who takes your climbing courses?

Many different types of people do: our winter clients, families, kids’ groups, groups of friends, summer camps, corporate team building groups, special birthday or anniversary parties, and anyone just looking for a fun adventure to add to their holiday in Tahoe.

Rock Climbing Lessons