Summer/Fall Rock Climbing

We are still climbing! We offer guided lessons on Donner Pass (10 min above Truckee) until its snowing or just too cold! If you’d like to book your private or group lesson, text or call us now: 530-386-2102 or email jenny@skinastc.com

2017 Rates PER PERSON:

Half-day Lesson: timing extremely flexible in late summer/fall (usually 9-1P)

1 person: $275
2 people: $210PP
3 people: $150PP
4 people: $120PP
5 or more: $115PP

Full-day Lesson: (9:30am-4:00pm)
1 person: $450
2 people: $255PP
3 or more $195PP

Two-hour Lesson:  usually 9-11am, 11-1pm or 2-4pm but timing can be flexible, just let us know when you want to climb!

1-person: $175
2-people: $125PP

The climbing prices listed do not include gratuity for your guide. If you had an enjoyable climbing experience, it is customary to give your guide a 15-20% percent gratuity or whatever amount you feel is appropriate. It is very much appreciated.

To make your deposit click the Paypal link below. We will email (or call if you prefer) back right away to confirm your reservation and date choices. Thank you, we look forward to climbing with you soon. Any Q: text or call 530-386-2102.