NASTC is proud to represent the following companies. We work hard to choose the best products and make them available for our clients to demo, try on, and enjoy. We thank the below sponsors for their continued support of our clinics, trips, books, and DVDs. Please feel free to email or call our office with equipment questions.


















Rossignol skis are one of the few top ranked skis in the market.  For several years, Rossignol has dominated the freeski category and their high performance category.  The Experience line has been popular among both professional and recreational skiers looking for a high performance ski.  Their wood core, sandwich construction produces that meaty feel that high end skiers enjoy.  It’s AUTOTURN technology with a combination of tip & tail rocker with traditional camber makes this line of ski very versatile. Our favorites are The Experience  98 & 88.  The turn shape has a round feel with tons of grip but you never feel locked into the turn and have easy ability to change your trajectory and speed at anytime. Traditional camber underfoot delivers power, energy and edge grip with rockered tip and tail that dramatically improves the turn initiation and flotation in any condition. This new breed of all-mountain ski is perfectly balanced for ripping rail-to-rail on the groomers and with its wide waist it maneuvers through powder and crud with amazing ease.  Another popular and NASTC staff favorite is the S7.  This ski has great flotation and effortless steering for deep snow conditions and embraces a wide range of ski levels.  The Rossignol brand is over a 100 years old.  What we like about Rossingol is that it is not just a ski manufacturer but it is a brand that embraces mountain living.



Guides Chris Fellows & Michael Silitch in Chamonix with HestraThe North American Ski Training Center is proud to partner with Hestra.  Hestra gloves are comfortable, warm, made extremely well, and carry a lifetime warranty.  Working with Hestra and company president Dino Dardano and marketing VP Erin Tulley is really enjoyable; their staff are true pros who are interested in how their products perform out on our clinics, what our trainers give for feedback, and whether using the glove helps our clients.  Answer: resoundingly yes.  Hestra gloves are an integral part of our high-performance programs.  In order for our coaches to give their undivided attention to our clients, they need warm hands.  Cold fingers suck your energy and focus.  When it comes to ski improvement, we all naturally first think of upgrading our boots, bindings, or skis…but believe us if your gloves fit well and are warm (not to mention look great), you’ll have a better day on the snow and yes, ski better.  We especially like the Leather Ergo Grip, the Vertical Cut Freeride and the Army Leather Wool, as well as the versatile Fall Line.  There are so many more styles (in many colors too) to choose from, we highly recommend you try on a bunch and see what you like.  You can demo a bunch of models at any NASTC clinic.  The various models ALL perform well and the padding on the tops of the fingers provides another level of comfort and safety whether you are tree skiing, gate skiing, or on something steep and firm.  Thank you Hestra for being a long-time sponsor of NASTC.  We rely on your gloves and they deliver!



It is important in our line of work to have the best in eyewear protection and visibility.  We have chosen Smith Optics because we believe they are one of the best in the industry.  Our coaches need to be able to see, in order to put their best “ski” forward and coach and lead groups safely.  We love Smith Optics IO goggle for their wide periperal view, the clarity of the lenses, the multitude of lens options for diverse conditions and the helmet compatibility.  Their sunglasses are not only stylish but fit well and have great lenses.


We chose to partner with ClifBar for several reasons.  Firstly they make some good stuff!  They are also an enviromentally conscious company, something we also value as well as their pledge to give back to the community.  ClifBar also doesn’t compromise quality for profit and uses organic ingredients in all their products.  They walk the walk as well as talk the talk, and by that we mean supporting and participating in an active lifestyle.  ClifBar supports a number of athletes and team in sports like triathlons, surfing, climbing, mtn. biking, skiing, ski mountaineering and more.  They have a bar/product for every active individual, products specifically designed for women, kids (though grown ups find these yummy too), uber athletes and weekend warriors.  ClifBar has a wide range of products that will fit your dietary and performance needs.  Our favs include the Buider Bars (Vanilla Almond is tasty), Crunch Bars – these are better than traditional granola bars, Mojo – these are a great combination of texture and flavor, ClifKid – whether its the fruit strips or z-bars, little kids and big kids love them.  Other products we can’t live without are the Shot Roks – little protein balls of goodness and the Electrolyte recovery drink.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a NASTC trainer without one of these ClifBar products in their pockets.  When your energy levels drop, your brain slows down too and that is not a good thing when you are constantly making decisions that relate to the safety of the group.


Backcountry Access is NASTC’s partner for avalanche safety equipment.  At NASTC we are primarily about education and fun and those are the same values that BCA shares.  They believe in pushing and promoting education over products as, it is education that saves lives.  Their goal is to save lives.  What also endears us to BCA, is they started from some very humble roots, in fact they started out of a garage.  Although they have become one of the industry leaders in avalanche safety equipment, BCA still remains a small, intimate company where the directors oversee the different aspects of the business.  NASTC’s backcountry, avalanche safety courses and international ski tours are equipped with BCA safety gear.  Our favorite pieces include the Tracker 2 Beacon which is known for its ease of use and its triple receive antenna.  It is also the fastest beacon on the market.  The Float 30 backpack is another piece we highly encourage backcountry skiers, riders and snowmobilers to get.  The airbag pack has consistently proven itself in saving lives during avalanches.  The airbag is designed to keep you near the surface and minimize evacuation time.  The size and positioning of the airbag not only help keep you afloat but also help in protecting your head and neck.  The Float 30 pack has been well thought out and includes features like a hydration sleeve, lined goggle pocket and external shovel and probe pockets to make your day in the backcountry that much more pleasant.  The airbag is easily reusable.  NASTC is an authorized refill center.




LEKI has been making great ski poles for a long time. A great ski pole is essential to good skiing and safety.  With Trigger S, attach and release your straps with greater ease, comfort, and safety than ever before. Made of the strongest composite materials available, you don’t have to worry about strength. You don’t want that ski pole to snap when you are in the middle of a 47 degree slope. Another important feature is the swing weight of the pole, the lighter the better.  It is hard to time and maintain symmetry in your movements when your pole is heavy.  Another feature we like about our Leki ski poles are the grips they made of tacky rubber and an ergonomic design, this makes swinging and gripping your pole easier and more efficient.