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Effortless Power VS Powerless Effort In Skiing

09 Jan 2017, Posted by Ski NASTC in Latest News

By Chris Fellows The first in a series about how advanced skiers can continue to improve despite limited days on the slopes. These insights come from a proven NASTC approach that has transformed our students’ skiing giving them access to more terrain, ingrained efficient movements, comfort with speed, safety awareness and ultimately more fun on the slopes. Why does it seem that expert skiers can make immediate adjustments to speed, direction and intensity on the fly while negotiating the most…

Why is an Early Weight Change Important

07 Jan 2017, Posted by Ski NASTC in Latest News

1/6/17 Have you ever heard the words, “You have to get on your new outside ski earlier?” Its a phrase many ski coaches utter over and over again.  A ski can’t do work unless it’s pressured.  If we wait to shift our weight and pressure the ski once it enters the fall line, it’s too late for the ski to do work as the turn is almost over.  Once the skis begin to turn out of the fall line, the…

Winter Living & The Art of Procrastination

30 Nov 2016, Posted by Ski NASTC in Latest News

Winter Living in the Mountains and the Art of Procrastination – by Chris Fellows 11/30/16 These early snow storms have been a welcome delight with resorts opening and our favorite backcountry stashes filling in with cold untouched powder. I would never complain…however when you are a procrastinator, early snow storms can leave one a little behind the preparedness curve. If you are the proverbial ant (of the grasshopper and ant fable) who gets your winter chores done in May then…

Part II – What To Do On Your First Day Back On Skis

02 Nov 2016, Posted by Ski NASTC in Latest News

Your primary and probably only focus on your first day back on skis should be on establishing DYNAMIC balance.  Being able to stay upright while you zig zag down the hill is not fall under the hashtag “#winning.”  It would probably be more appropriate under the “#surviving.”  Your goal should be able to establish balance on your skis without relying on your equipment.  Most of the time we balance on surfaces that are stable and not moving.  We’ve been doing…

Iceland Viking Ski Expedition

27 Oct 2016, Posted by Ski NASTC in International, International Adventures, Latest News

Iceland Viking Ski Expedition SOLD OUT, BOOKING NOW FOR 2018 May 3-11, 2017 Price:  $6995 w/double occupancy cabin Includes:  Lodging in Isafjord (one night), sailboat, guide, meals & instruction. The Iceland ski expedition aboard the Aurora sailboat launching from Isaforjd is a real life changing experience. More than just bagging new peaks and first time ski descents, it is a journey of appreciation of beautiful landscapes amid the huge fjords, amazing wildlife and rare marine mammals. The experience goes beyond skiing pristine…

What To Do When You First Get Back On Skis

19 Oct 2016, Posted by Ski NASTC in Latest News

The day has come when the ski resorts have finally started spinning the chairlifts for the general public.  The excitement in the air is so strong it feels you can feel it vibrate around you.  You boot up and take those first few steps to grab your jacket, goggles, gloves, phone and skis, the boots feel heavy and clunky.  It’s been months since those things have been on your feet.  You grab your skis, drop them on the snow (hopefully…

Andermatt – Top 10 Ski Resorts in Europe by Outside Magazine

03 Oct 2016, Posted by Ski NASTC in Latest News

There are lots of reasons to love skiing in Europe.  Travel to Europe has never been more affordable and skiing in Europe is a must do, even if just once.  So how do you narrow down where to go?  Outside Magazine compiled a list of its Top 10 ski areas in Europe to visit, depending on your interest. Andermatt, was voted the best place to visit for powder skiing.  We chose Andermatt as our European destination this year, not only…


23 Aug 2016, Posted by Ski NASTC in Featured, Latest News

Click on the resorts below to learn more about all of our exciting new 2017 destinations! Domestic destinations: Early Season Jumpstart, Sugar Bowl, CA – December 4-5, 2016 Big Sky, MT – December 13-15, 2016 Squaw Valley, CA – March 6-8, 2017 Alta/Snowbird – January 9-13, 2017 International Destinations Kicking Horse, Canada – January, 29-February 4, 2017 Switzerland – February, 11-18, 2017 Iceland – May, 2017 SOLD OUT Portillo, Chile – August 12-19, 2017

Rock Climbing with Local KRNV Sports Journalists

08 Jul 2016, Posted by Ski NASTC in Latest News

Here is an inside look to what your first time rock climbing would be like. Click on the video to watch as we take KRNV (My News Channel 4) sports journalist,Gianna Giorgi, and photographer, Julian del Gaudio, on their very first rock climbing experience. We had a great time introducing them to this very fun and rewarding sport and showing them our Donner Summit playground. We are fortunate to have world class granite right here in Truckee which is the…

Latest NASTC Newsletter, find fun reads on skiing, training, us ski team and rock climbing

01 Jul 2016, Posted by Ski NASTC in Latest News

How to Improve Your Skiing When There is No Snow on the Ground Is there a way to step up your performance on the slopes without putting time in the gym? The answer is yes! One of the most valuable tools an athlete uses to improve their performance is mental visualization. It can be done anywhere, anytime. You don’t need snow on the ground to do it and it only takes a few minutes each day. Sounds almost too easy,…